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As you know, Baysgarth will adopt a paperless approach to contacting parents and carers from September 2016. This will provide a more reliable and faster method of communication and will allow parents and carers to be better informed of their child's progress and school news.
A trial of this system was sent out on 20th May 2016, which was successful. Various other emails will be sent throughout the remainder of this year to allow us to identify any issues with the system.
Should you not have already provided the school with your email and mobile contact details, you can do so by completing a short online form at, or alternatively email your contact details to
The benefits of an electronic system are undeniable and we sincerely hope parents and carers join us in our efforts to promote improved communication and engagement.

Year 7-10 Parents Evening - Monday 13th June 2016

Parents EveningThe final Parents Evening of the year will take place on Monday 13th June 2016 from 4.00pm to 7.30pm for Year7-10 students. This will give parents the opportunity to meet with their child's subject teachers and Head of House to discuss progress and attainment. Appointments can be made using our online booking system via, which opens at 9.00am on Monday 23rd May. This will remain open throughout the half term break. Should parents not have access to the internet we ask they contact the Main Reception where a member of our Admin Team will be happy to assist in booking appointments. Please find a link below to the letter issued to students, which also provides some brief guidance on using the online booking system. We look forward to seeing parents and pupils on the 13th!

May Half Term Interventions

As we are in the midst of the Year 11 examination season, a comprehensive range of interventions have been planned over the May half term break to allow Baysgarth students to achieve their full potential. We invite all Year 11 students in the hope that they will progress and be successful in completing all qualifications currently being studied. Please find the Intervention Timetable below.

About Baysgarth School

Serving the communities of Barton-upon-Humber and the surrounding villages of North Lincolnshire for over 35 years, Baysgarth School has a proud history. A specialist technology college since 2006, it continues to encourage the best from every one of its students.
September 2015 marked the fortieth anniversary of the introduction of comprehensive education in Barton, when Baysgarth School was founded in 1975. It may interest readers to recount events leading up to this.
In the early decades of the century only elementary education was provided in Barton; any child passing the "scholarship" had to travel to Brigg or elsewhere - the boys to the Grammar School, the girls to the High School for Girls.
With the increase in population the former Lindsey County Council (part of Lincolnshire) opened Barton Grammar School for boys and girls in 1930. Pupils who did not pass the scholarship (or 11+) remained in the all-age schools until the age of 14 or 15.


The following sessions are being held for all Year 11 students taking a GCSE in Humanities:

Breakfast Group (7.30am in Room 41):
18th May: RS Breakfast
23rd May: RS Breakfast
24th May: Geography Breakfast
6th June: History Breakfast
8th June: Geography Breakfast
14th June: History Breakfast

Twlights / Drop In (5.30pm/6.00pm and weekends):
17th May: RS
18th May: History Drop In
23rd May: Geography
Sunday 5th June (10.00am-2.00pm): History
7th June: Geography Twilight
8th June: History Drop In
13th June: History Twlight

Should you have any queries please contact Mrs Brooksbank at the school.

Football Tournaments

6 a side Football Tournaments taking place at Frederick Gough:

Year 8 - Thursday 5th November 2015
Year 9 - Thursday 12th November 2015
Year 10 -Thursday 19th November 2015
Year 11 - Thursday 26th November 2015

Sporting Fixtures

The sporting fixtures for Baysgarth School have been updated in the calendar section of our website.

Biometric lunch payment system

The new biometric system was installed at the end of last term and will completely eliminate the need for students to remember their lunch card and go through the hassle of waiting for a temporary pass. This system makes it quicker for transactions to be carried out, which means that students can get through the tills much faster. All they will need to do is extend their hand to the finger print scanner, swipe their fingerprints, and let the system do its job.

Biometrics and Security

Students, parents and staff can rest assured that the fingerprint images cannot be used by any other source for identification purposes. The system uses an image of the finger to create a mathematical algorithm and then discards the finger image; only the numbers remain and these cannot be reinterpreted back into a finger image.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to take my child's finger image?
By taking an image of your child's finger we can turn this information into a digital signature.

Can finger images be used by any other agency?
No, the software we use turns your child's finger image in to a mathematical algorithm. The image of the finger is then discarded. The information that is stored cannot be used to recreate an image of the child's finger.

What happens when my child leaves the School?
When a student leaves school all data will be deleted.

How does it work?

When the child places his/her finger on the scanner, the software matches their finger image with the unique digital signature held in the database.

How to sign up

It is a statutory requirement within England & Wales (not the rest of the UK) to have explicit permission from a pupil's parent or carer to take a biometric scan of any kind. If you wish your child to participate, please download and complete the permission slip and return it to Student Support.

Download Permission Slip

New Build & New School Day

The new Baysgarth School build is under way. The new school day takes effect from 1st June and will be as follows:

08.25 – All students expected to be on site so they are fully prepared for their first lesson 08.30 - Period 1
09.30 - Period 2
Split breaks to accommodate the whole school in one canteen:
10.30 - Tutor Break / Tutor Time – Ancholme & Bardney
10.45 - Tutor Time / Break – Newton & Treece
11.00 - Period 3
12.00 - Period 4/Lunch. There is no lunch hour.
Lunch takes place in period four which lasts 90 minutes. This is made up of 60 minutes teaching and 30 minutes lunch time. Year 7, 9 and 6th Form will have lunch from 12 - 12.30pm and Year 8, 10 and 11 will have lunch from 1 - 1.30pm
1.30 - Period 5
2.25 - End of school day / enrichment starts
3.40 - End of Enrichment / Late bus departs

Baysgarth pupils on target

As part of Baysgarth's rewards scheme, four form groups recently spent the day learning archery, laser clay shooting, disc sports and Zumba. As top house point winners for their respective houses, A-LBa, B-SRo, N-LPa and T-CWa enjoyed a fantastic day of activities courtesy of GHoPA (Get Hooked on Positive Activities).

GHoPA organiser Sean Snelson was suitably impressed by Baysgarth's pupils, saying "I would just like to say what a great group of students we had on Friday; after completing our event debrief this morning all our coaches were unanimous in their praise for the students."

Year 9 pupil Callam Jenkinson commented, "We got to do sports that we'd never normally do. It was good fun all round, and worth earning those house points."

"It was different," added Jack Major, "It was something new and I enjoyed the archery because I'd never done it before."

A survey at the end of the day showed that archery and laser clay shooting were the two most popular activities, with the vast majority of the 45 pupils giving the day at least 9 out of 10. The school hopes to organise similar reward days in future and would be pleased to hear from any local company that wishes to get behind

Sports Report

As a School we have always excelled in rugby and over the past few years we have won many District Championships, but no team has been more successful than the our current year 11s. Ably captained by Elliot Foster, they are a team that mixes exceptional physical power with inspired creativity and guile; they are able not only to steamroller opponents, but to do it in style. After winning 7 consecutive District Rugby Championships, the team played their 8th and final competition earlier this term, and the result was the same as always; Another Championship for our most successful team! Eight championships in a row is something that we have never achieved before and is unlikely to be achieved again, and all credit must go to the students who have made the team so successful. It is a source of great pride that the PE department and I have had the privilege to teach such a successful team.

Dodgeball is a sport where Baysgarth traditionally excel, and this year is no exception. After being crowned district champions in multiple age groups last year, we went on to continue that success with a victory in the Y8 girls district dodgeball tournament, and were runners up in the Y10 girls, Y8 boy's andY10 boy's competitions.

The top two teams from each age category go on to represent Lincolnshire at the Humber school games, which meant that all of our teams qualified. The Humber School games involve competing against the top teams from schools in North Lincolnshire, East Riding, Hull and North East Lincolnshire. All of our teams did very well in the competitions, however, it was the Y8 boys who excelled, going one better than they had done in the District Championship by winning the Humber School Games.

A new addition to the North Lincolnshire Sporting diary has been the inclusion of Handball. Handball is a sport that, although massive in Europe, is not as popular here. However, the sport is quickly growing and has now been taught at Baysgarth for several years. Mr McNaught has been tasked with the job of coaching our handball teams and their performance in the inaugural District Championship did not disappoint, with the year 8 team winning convincingly to take home the trophy.

Staying safe this summer

The following is a list of Staying Safe information that you may find useful for your students for the Summer Holidays to help keep themselves and their friend's safe.

Download Information Document

Year 6s become the Roman Army

During Transition Day Year 6 pupils were given the opportunity to become Roman Soldiers. They first learnt about the importance of the shield to the Roman army, then they studied the different variations and styles as the Roman army took on more influences from other cultures as time and their Empire building progressed. Each pupil was then given the opportunity to create their own shield. This was then used to practice the various formation methods used by the Roman Army. We started with the Testudo formation - most commonly known as the Tortoise. We then looked at other formations and how the Army would be at an advantage against an oncoming enemy attack. Being the tortoise was the most fun