Key Stage 3 English

Curriculum Content

English Key stage 3 English focuses on four key strands. These are: Reading, Writing, Language and Speaking and Listening. Basic language skills, knowledge of language and Study Skills are taught, as well as relevant information about other subject areas.

Pupils have to study works by writers who lived before this century, as well as modern fiction and non-fiction material. In Years 7, 8 and 9 pupils follow a programme of work which is based on Language and Literature activities.


Audio-visual aids, art materials, works of fiction and non-fiction, and basic skills resources are used. There are computers in, or close to, all English teaching rooms and the networked computer systems are well used by the Faculty. Interactive Whiteboards have been introduced in all classrooms.

Teaching Methods

Many different methods are used which might involve the whole class working on the same assignment or small groups and individuals working on different tasks.

Great emphasis is placed on "drafting" written work. This involves your child in correcting and refining a piece of writing, often with the help of another pupil as well as the teacher.

All pupils are now taught to the standards set out in the Literacy Framework.

Skills and Knowledge

Your child will be expected to reach the highest possible individual standard in reading, writing, speaking and listening. At the end of Year 9 your child will also have some knowledge of the way in which language works.

We have high levels of expectation regarding the way in which each piece of work is presented. Pupils are required to take pride in what they do and make maximum effort at all times.