Key Stage 5 Chemistry

AS/A2 Chemistry

Aspirin Molecule

This course is suitable for anyone wanting to take Chemistry, Forensic Science, Medicine, veterinary Science or similar courses at University.
The students need to have skills and an interest in general science and maths. A significant proportion of this course is mathematically based.

Ideal candidates for this course will have a tenacious attitude, an enquiring mind and a confidence in practical based work.

Course Content

The AQA course is split into these modules and exams:

AS Level

CHEM1 - Foundation Chemistry (EXAM)
CHEM2 - Chemistry in Action (EXAM)
CHM3T - Investigative and Practical Skills Assessment (CENTRE ASSESSED COURSEWORK)

A2 Level

CHEM4 - Kinetic, Equilibrium and Organic Chemistry (EXAM)
CHEM5 - Energetics, Redox and Inorganic Chemistry (EXAM)
CHM6T - Investigative and Practical Skills Assessment (CENTRE ASSESSED COURSEWORK)

A-Level Chemistry Students

What opportunities or enrichment activities can the student expect from this course?

Students will be able to take part in residential university based workshops and experience life as an assistant lab technician or teaching assistant as part of their community hour.

Entry Requirements

Students who want to study A level Chemistry should have a solid background in Science and Maths and have achieved at least a Grade B in either Triple Science or Dual Award Science and Grade B in Maths GCSE. It is also favourable for the student to have at least a C Grade in English Language GCSE in order to methodically answer open ended questions.